We are pleased to welcome you for
the COST FA1405 Annual Meeting with the plenary special
"Systems biology approaches to identify mechanisms underlying crop-arthropod-microbe interactions"
organized by the National Institute of Biology (NIB) from January 31st to February 2nd 2017


the practical
"Hands-on Systems Biology Training School"
jointly organized by NIB and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FRI) on February 3rd 2017,

both held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Annual Meeting Scientific Comitee
Arjen Biere
Kristina Gruden
Jaka Razinger
Alison Bennett
Paula Baptista
Maria Pozo
Benedicte Albrectsen
Richard Meadow
Ana Pineda
Training School Scientific Comitee
Kristina Gruden
Blaž Zupan
Zoran Nikoloski
Tomaž Curk
Živa Ramšak
Martin Stražar

The COST Action FA1405 connects researchers working on Crop-Arthropod-Microbe (CAMo) interactions with the aim to enhance crop protection and production.

COST Action official website: http://www.cost-fa1405.eu/

CAMo Meeting Group Photo
We hope you enjoyed your stay in Slovenia,
The organizing committee
© Anoda