16th Applied Statistics 2019
International Conference
September 22 - 25, 2019
Ribno (Bled), Slovenia

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The Dynamics of Social Networks:
How Social Ties Emerge and Impact Our Lives

Christoph Stadtfeld
ETH Zürich
Dep. of Humanities, Social and Pol.Sc.

Social networks are complex, dynamic systems. However, social networks emerge on a small scale from the actions of individual nodes that do not necessarily overlook its structures. Yet, emerging network outcomes such as segregation, cluster formation, or the distribution of knowledge have a direct impact on individuals and can restrict their choices and opportunities to act. In the study of social network dynamics it is thus important to simultaneously consider the link between the two levels levels: the macro-level of large-scale network structures and the micro-level of individuals’ opportunities, preferences, and actions. This talk illustrates how state-of-the-art statistical network methods and computational simulation techniques can be combined to investigate the micro-macro link in social networks. Recent empirical work in the context of the Swiss StudentLife study will illustrate the value of this approach.

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