15th Applied Statistics 2018
International Conference
September 23 - 26, 2018
Ribno (Bled), Slovenia

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How can data science improve statistics education?

Deborah Nolan
Department Statistics
UC Berkley, USA

Students are flocking to the field of data science, yet many of them still say statistics is boring. Of course, we could simply add “data science” to our course titles, go about business as usual, and hope that solves the problem. But, the students will figure it out. It’s time to move our teaching methods away from canned data, code recipes, and the normal curve. By embracing data science, students can work more closely with real-world data, engage in authentic problem solving, and learn how to use statistics to make a difference. The advent of data science brings a fantastic opportunity to improve statistics education and attract more students to the field.

In the past four years at UC Berkeley, computer science and statistics faculty have collaborated to design courses. Last year nearly 3000 students enrolled in our two new co-developed and co-taught introductory data science courses. The official major launches this fall, and one in three undergraduates have indicated they want to major or minor in data science. In this talk, I hope to convey some of the lessons learned from developing this new major and reflect on how data science can help statistics education.

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