10th Applied Statistics 2013
International Conference
September 22 - 25, 2013
Ribno (Bled), Slovenia

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Choosing mode of data collection for surveys to maximize data quality

Jon Krosnick
Stanford University, USA

Survey researchers can now collect data in one of four modes: face-to-face interviewing, telephone interviewing, self-administered paper questionnaires, and self-administered computer-presented questionnaires.  It might seem that question-answering will be cognitively equivalent in all four modes, but psychological theory anticipates differences between the modes in response accuracy for a variety of reasons.  This lecture will begin with a review of this theoretical background and will then review the findings of empirical comparing data collected in various modes in order to make recommendations about mode selection.  Part of the discussion will compare the findings of online surveys of the general public done with probability samples, recruited through RDD phone calls or face-to-face visits to respondents' homes (as has been done by organizations in the U.S. Sweden, and Germany, and is being done in Norway and perhaps other nations as well) vs. online surveys done with non-probability samples of people who volunteer to answer questionnaires occasionally for money or gifts or prizes (in response to online ads or email invitations sent to non-representative groups of people).  The quality of data obtained from these various methods will be contrasted.

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